In 1947 the family decided to migrate to the then newly formed Pakistan and started up trading from sialkot, which has a worldwide reputation for exporting,  their high-quality leather  official  sports related equipment ranging across from cricket to fifa  world cup footballs.

The first  generation of the family commenced their work in sialkot by creating Leather shoes.

The next generation then decided to introduce leather vests, leather hats, motorbike jackets,  gloves for cycling,  gloves for winter  and really started to specialize in their leather hats collection.

by 1998 supplies for equestrian related to the US as well as to several countries within Europe.

by 2003. the business also started to operate in a retail format containing its tradition of creating high quality goods.

by 2012 the business was registered in the Pakistan as azexintl. Ever since then there has been continuous appreciation from the US, Australia and Europe for the incredible quality of leather that has been sold in the form of jackets, hats,  waistcoats, motorbike jackets, gloves, horse rider equipment and sports related products, as well as other accessories.